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From 16th to 22nd August 2009, local award-winning artist Claire Louise Barrie, aka PuppyFat, will be exhibiting original paintings for sale for the first time in the area. Broadwalk Arts will be open daily 11am to 5pm for viewing.

Entitled 'Shyshy' the solo exhibition is a collection of intriguing acrylic and gouache paintings and pencil drawings that echo the dreamy adventures and colourful imagination of childhood, a time before fixed boundaries of reality. Over twenty originals of varying size and medium will be available for sale, as well as prints and postcards of the work.

Claire Louise Barrie is an artist living and working in Bristol. In recent years her work has been exhibited as far away as New Zealand, where a wearable art piece won an international competition by Air New Zealand, judged by Norman Rosenthal (Exhibitions Secretary of the Royal Academy,) V&A curator Sonnet Stanfill, and fashion designer Zhandra Rhodes.

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