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My Space


Developing out of a ‘self portrait’ project, NLARGE PHOTOGRAPHY a group of young photographers based at Knowle West Media Centre, were asked to consider all aspects of their space, and to start to produce images that represented and reflected the environment around them, the people and the idea of ‘Space’.

They were asked over a period of two months to create their own brief for ‘My Space’, to consider how they would best represent themselves and their space photographically. They considered their home, family, friends, pets, and where they spent their time, at school, at the park, in their bedrooms.

My Space’ gave the young photographers the opportunity to learn new photographic skills using the flash, slow shutter speeds and self-timers.  They spent the time to discover and share their space, what it means to them and to create a photographic space in the exhibition.

The photographs displayed here were all created, art directed and photographed by the young people. Please take time to look at all the images and look at their new website




Chantelle Bryant

Carly Harrison

Lauren Hunt

Sinead Nelmes

Keeley Parker

Carla Perkins

Stevie Woodland




Gina Lundy

Tanya Hazell

Carly Parry

Rosie Ward

Nicky Williams

Caesar (Graffiti Artist)



November 2008

‘My Space’ was funded by the various commissions undertaken by Nlarge, Arts Council Grants for the Arts Scheme and Knowle West Media Centre


The exhibition was produced by Knowle West Media Centre.


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